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Our web-enabled ERP product Chancellor encompasses many modules which are listed below:

The Chancellor Administration allows you to setup the campus - System Admin and College Admin section. This user-friendly software solves the most complex task in campus administration. Real time data appear in this module to get clear status pertaining to various aspects to the Management. System Administration key features include user authentication and roles, access to Chancellor modules and rights to changing, authentication and role assignment by software administrator at different levels, backup, and restore. College Administration key features include college profile, library profile, academic year, college holidays, college events, course creation, branch creation, department creation, scheduling events, quota creation.

The admission management module is quick and easy to use. It is a comprehensive desktop-based user-driven admission processing tool that takes only a few hours to install, learn and implement. Highly resourceful, it helps streamline every admission function. It permits both online and over-the-counter filing of applications, quick short listing of eligible candidates, creation and sending of automated eligibility status reports, as well as churning out integrated smart cards and customized reports -- all at the click of the mouse. We make the most complex task -- the process of selective admission -- simple.

A well structured and highly configurable fee management solution offers ingenious streaming of related data effortlessly for the scrutiny of authorized personnel at all times. The module not only simplifies the often tedious task of manual fee administration but is also a tried-and-tested, easy-to-learn, and user-friendly value-addition that will boost the efficiency of any institution. Apart from aiding financial recording, it monitors every fee receipt -- old, current, as well as those that need to be under relevant heads systematically, highlights fee defaulters/excesses credited, provides a summary of fees collected at any point of time or over a specified period as well as seamlessly link it to the financial accounting system. Offering 100% security and the added capacity of generating over 25 reports tailor-made to institutional needs, it is indeed a world-class solution that any forward looking institute just cannot afford to do without. User can check student Fee Status and Ledger Reports through Smart Card.

It is department activities tracking module such as syllabus, time-table, scheduling of internal exams, class tests etc. It has ingeniously smart and 100% failsafe attendance tracking single point interface, which not only keeps an eagle's eye on the number present and leave minutiae of every enrolled scholar. Percentage of presence calculations and the generation of relevant reports are fully automated, occurring in seamless conjunction with the in-house portal. Fully compatible with badge or biometric collection devices, it also offers predetermined periodic self-checking of individual attendance records. It has powerful pupil evaluation management engine, which supports a broad spectrum of examination protocols. This resourcefully engineered module can not only be tailored to incorporate the challenging demands of any institution of learning, regardless of magnitude or syllabi complexity, but it also sports matchless features such as exam scheduler, detailed score analyzer, and much more. It’s ease-of-use and efficient systemization of the examination processes is an invaluable tool for every campus.

Our multifaceted yet versatile payroll management module is tailored to the specific needs of each institution's local schedule with its own settings, preferences, and home modifications. It also tracks attendance of staff, management and faculty on the institution's rolls. Apart from computing employee pay, deductions, allowances, and executing tax calculations, processes leave accrual/usage, generating salary statements, and pay slips, this wizard not only saves time and money but it also ensures undisputable accuracy in payroll management in tandem with the campus portal. It has linkage with Portal for displaying of reports.